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Naming Rights

Do you remember naming your kids? Do you remember all the lists of possibilities? The prayer? The discussions? The process of agreeing?

It was Lent 2017, Katie, Lisa and I had already been discussing, praying, discerning and conference calling for months. The Lord planted this seed deep in each of our hearts to see adoption and foster care grow in Catholic communities. And despite 3 states and completely separate lives, the Lord connected our dreams through ways only He could create. Our desire was clear, the need was prevalent, the plan was manifesting, his blessing and hand was undeniable. But we needed a name.

We prayed. We had idea boards, emails, tons of texts, themes, inspiration, yet we circled with hope that the Lord would reveal our name. During Holy Week as I prepared my heart for the coming resurrection and the beauty in the Lord's story of redemption I was reminded fully of adoption and the beauty of the redemption in each story. I reflected on the trauma and tragedy that brings these kids to their places of need, need of the most basic thing...a family! I prayed for those kids still waiting, praying that the Lord would redeem their stories, that these kids would see their Resurrection Sunday...and with that ARISE was born.

I immediately texted Katie and Lisa..."ARISE- Adoption Resources, Information, Stories and Encouragement for the Catholic Heart". And with that we all knew the Lord delivered the name for His ministry.

May we all ARISE to the calling to care for the vulnerable. May we rise up as a Church, as communities, as families! Arise dear friends...ARISE!

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