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Patron Saints for Adoption 

St. Clotilde – Patron of Adopted Children 


St. Thomas More – Patron of Adopted Children 


St. William of Rochester – Patron of Adopted Children 

Patrons of Orphans 


St. Gerolamo Emiliani 


St. Laura of St. Catherine of Siena



While, the above listed saints are officially considered Patrons of Adoption and Orphans, there are many saints that have touched the lives of Adoptive and foster families. Below are saints and special prayers that many adoptive families and foster families have asked for their intercession and have felt their intercession through the process of growing and molding their families.  Take a moment to read about these saints.  Maybe one will be special to you as you discern adoption or begin the adoption or foster care process. 

St. Anne 


St. Anthony 


St. Benedict 

St. Bernadette 

St. Catherine of Sweden 

St. Christopher 

St. Gerard 

St. John Bosco 


St. Joseph 

St. Jude  

St. Martin De Porrres 

St. Michael 

St. Monica


St. Nicholas 


St. Philomena 


St. Teresa of Calcutta 


St Andrew Novena 


54 Day Rosary Novena 


The Prayer of Abandonment for Adoptive Parents 


Father, we abandon ourselves into your hands, to send a child … or not … as you see fit. You by whom the Word was made flesh, send us a miracle, if this is what you desire. Or lead us to her/him, if that be your will. We do not ask for guarantees; no parent can. Only light enough for the very next step. We do not ask for a perfect child, nor can we promise to be perfect parents. Whatever you choose for us, whatever you desire we abandon ourselves to your perfect will. We are ready to offer our daily “yes,” until that perfect will be revealed in us. And until, at last perfected, we bear witness to the work of redemption you began in Eden. We love you, Lord, and offer ourselves to you, wholly and without reservation. We surrender ourselves, moment by moment, knowing that this is only the first small step of a lifetime of surrender, so that we may be made more perfect in love. That we might imitate, on earth as in heaven, the redemptive love the adoptive love the selfless love with which you first loved us. 

Author Unknown 


Novena to St Joseph for Adoption (March 10-18th)   

This is a beautiful Novena by the USCCB.  It has daily reflections and prayers for all of those who are touched by adoption. 



Prayer for Families considering Adoption 


St Joseph Novena for Adoption: Leader’s Toolkit that contains information for sharing the novena in your parish


Intercessory Prayers for Adoption

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